The Chess Trust has been established with the support of the English Chess Federation for the furtherance of chess. The Trust has the capacity to support a wide range of activities to promote and encourage the playing of the game. Its objectives are —

♦  The advancement of amateur sport by promoting the study and practice of chess in all its forms, principally, but not exclusively, for the benefit of the residents of England; and

♦  The advancement of education by promoting the development of young people through the teaching and practice of chess


The Chess Trust was established in 2015. It is supported by a significant bequest from Richard Haddrell, which forms the basis for building plans to support chess. Additional funds can be received through donations and bequests. The Trust intends to utilise any funds received to meet its objectives in the immediate future and for the long term.

Under particular circumstances donations and bequests may receive particular reliefs from taxation which can be of advantage to the charity and to the donor.

From its objectives the Trust may support a wide range of chess related activities except those of a professional nature, and any organisation or individual may apply for support from the Trust when it has established adequate funding.

Trustees / Contact

Adam ASHTON | David EUSTACE | Stephen GREEP | Sarah LONGSON | Michael TRURAN | Sean MARSH | Malcolm PEIN | Simon BROWN | more

Adam Ashton
David Eustace is a qualified accountant. He spent a career in Finance, Information Technology, Programme Management and Business Change at Senior Executive and Director level in the energy utilities. He has had a life long interest in chess since the age of eight. Though not a competitive player nowadays he continues his interest as an International Arbiter since the 1960’s mainly at the British Chess Championships and 4NCL events. Since October 2013 David has been the Finance Director of the English Chess Federation and established the Chess Trust on behalf of the Federation in 2015
Stephen Greep was a board member on NHS Trusts for 16 years, 13 as Chief Executive of large hospital Trusts, before retiring. He has also held senior posts in local authorities and is an academic archaeologist, with over 100 publications. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and an Associate of the Museums Association. He organises national conferences and works as a lay panel member for the General Pharmaceutical Council. He has served as a Trustee for several charities (medical and archaeological) and is General Secretary of the Hull and District Chess Association. He was instrumental in bringing the HDCA to Charitable Trust status
Sarah Longson has many years of experience as a junior chess organiser. In 2016, with her husband Alex Longson, she took over the UK Chess Challenge, the world’s largest chess competition, which introduces thousands of children to the world of chess each year. Together with Alex she also manages the ECF Academy on the English Chess Federation’s behalf, and she sits on the selection panel for the Chess Trust’s Accelerator programme. Sarah is a strong chess player in her own right; she has represented England in the World and European Chess Championships since the age of twelve, became a Women FIDE Chess Master in 2012, and made her Olympiad debut for England in the same year, making one of the highest scores in the whole competition (7.5/9). She was British Ladies and English Ladies Chess Champion in 2013
Mike Truran is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in senior manager and director roles in the financial services sector for nearly four decades; he also has many years’ experience as a trustee, for example serving as a trustee of the Saga Pension Scheme for many years. Mike is currently Chief Executive of the English Chess Federation, and has also been instrumental in developing the 4NCL National Chess League over the last 25 years or so to its present position as the pre-eminent team event in the United Kingdom. Mike is also active in local chess; he is Treasurer of Witney Chess Club, and also organises the annual Witney Rapidplay and Witney Congress
Sean Marsh
Malcolm Pein
Simon Brown

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The Chess Trust – Registered Charity Number 1160881

For any large donations or bequests, the trustees will take into consideration specific requests by donors / bequeathers as to how their gift should be applied, subject to it being consistent with the objectives of the trust. Donations and bequests attract reliefs from taxation. Any bequests made to a charity may reduce heritance taxes that may be due on an estate.

Donations made by an individual who is a UK tax payer will enable the Trust to reclaim basic rate tax on the value of a donation through the government’s Gift Aid scheme. Thus a donation of £100 will enable the Trust to reclaim £25, making the total donation worth £125 to the Trust.

A donation made by an individual who pays UK tax at the higher rate of 40% or 45% will be able to reclaim the difference between the basic and higher rates through their tax return.

The Trust will be establishing a regular donations scheme so that donors will be able to make small regular payments to the Trust, which will have the benefits of the Gift Aid Scheme.

Donations should be sent to The Chess Trust at the English Chess Federation Office, The Watch Oak, Chain Lane, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0YD. If you would like to donate directly to the Chess Trust by BACS, the sort code is 601015 and the account number is 87899590. If you choose this method, please let the office know by email at so that the Trustees can be informed.

Applications for Support

As part of its long-term strategy the Trust is making a large investment in developing young players through its Accelerator Programme. Therefore, the Trust is currently not accepting further applications for support …