The Chess Trust – Registered Charity Number 1160881

For any large donations or bequests the trustees will take into consideration specific requests by donors / bequeathers as to how their gift should be applied subject to it being consistent with the objectives of the trust.

Donations and bequests attract reliefs from taxation. Any bequests made to a charity may reduce heritance taxes that may be due on an estate.

Donations made by an individual who is a UK tax payer will enable the Trust to reclaim basic rate tax on the value of a donation through the government’s Gift Aid scheme. Thus a donation of £100 will enable the Trust to reclaim £25, making the total donation worth £125 to the Trust.

A donation made by an individual who pays UK tax at the higher rate of 40% or 45% will be able to reclaim the difference between the basic and higher rates through their tax return.

The Trust will be establishing a regular donations scheme so that donors will be able to make small regular payments to the Trust, which will have the benefits of the Gift Aid Scheme.

Donations should be sent to The Chess Trust at the English Chess Federation Office, The Watch Oak, Chain Lane, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0YD