The Chess Trust

The Chess Trust has been established with the support of the English Chess Federation for the furtherance of chess. The Trust has the capacity to support a wide range of activities in its furtherance of the game.  Its objectives are:
• The advancement of amateur sport by promoting the study and practice of chess in all its forms, principally, but not exclusively, for the benefit of the residents of England; and
• The advancement of education by promoting the development of young people through the teaching and practice of chess


The Chess Trust was established in 2015. It is supported by a significant bequest from Richard Haddrell, which is forming the basis for building plans to support chess. Additional funds can be received through donations and bequests. The Trust intends to utilise any funds received to meet its objectives in the immediate future and for the long term.

Under particular circumstances donations and bequests may receive particular reliefs from taxation which can be of advantage to the charity and to the donor. Click here for further information …

From its objectives the Trust may support a wide range of chess related activities except those of a professional nature, and any organisation or individual may apply for support from the Trust when it has established adequate funding. For further information click here